FACELIFT Micro & Galvanic Current


This is a non-invasive safe and very successful approach to facial lifting and sculpting, which is being embraced by many Hollywood stars for a natural healthy youthful look!

  • No Surgery         =    No Paralysed Muscles
  • No Injections     =   No Toxins
  • No Scarring        =   No Downtime


  • One dual probe handle set with attachments
  • All attachments for the face are gold plated for superior quality and conductivity
  • Audio tone for treatment accuracy
  • Micro-current display output with setting
  • Adjustable electronic timer control and display
  • Adjustable pulse speed and PPS (Pulse Per Second)
  • Safety on feature (CE Approved)
  • High quality components built for salon usage

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Our skin and especially face, neck and décolletage are the first to show visible signs of aging.
The effects of time, sun exposure, pollution, stress, alcohol and tobacco (to mention just a few!) take a heavy toll on our skin.

As we age the skin’s natural moisturizing capability begins to fail, as the ability to regenerate new tissue decelerates. Our complexion becomes dull with a build up of fluid, resulting in puffiness, pigmentation marks appear, our cheeks and eyelids begin to drop and fine lines and wrinkles start to appear.

As the facial muscles are attached to the skin therefore as we age they also start to drop and sag.

The Micro-current is sent through the skin via two hand held probes and with the use of the latest technology and highly conductive golden accessories, maximum lift and rejuvenation is achieved.

The ability to reverse the signs of aging, without having to resort to painful and toxic injections, lasers or expensive invasive cosmetic surgery is exactly what Bel Viso Body Bar Face Lift2 offer!!

The Micro-current is virtually sub-sensory, therefore the client feels very little if anything at all.  This is a complete anti-stress treatment and quite often the clients have a little catnap during their treatment.


The Bel Viso Body Bar Face Lift2 has the added benefit of Galvanic Current which is used for infusing products such as Collagen into the skin, again resulting with an instantly plumped and rejuvenated appearance, revitalizing the skin by delivering a much deeper penetration of ingredients than manual applications.

The Bel Viso Body Bar Face Lift2 Galvanic Facial Golden Rollers reduce the applied products (anti-wrinkle serums, collagen etc.) to very small ions. This ionization facilitates more product penetration into the skin for most effective utilization.

It also reduces the oiliness of the skin for those prone to acne while helping to clean congestion. This type of facial improves the normal functions of the skin by boosting blood circulation.

Skin cells are living breathing organisms that need to be cared for and nourished to keep them healthy therefore if the cells are abused and neglected then the aging process is accelerated thus causing the skin to wrinkle and sag.

It was discovered that galvanic current skin care technology can reverse this process and make a dramatic difference in the appearance and health of skin even after a single treatment.

As products are absorbed directly through the skin regular galvanic treatments can dramatically improve the appearance and help the skin tighten naturally giving it a youthful, healthy and vibrant glow.


Micro-current Non-Surgical Facelift Techniques

Together, the Non-surgical Face Lift and Galvanic treatments enhance each other and are extremely effective in achieving amazing results!!

The effects are cumulative therefore it is beneficial to have a course of 1-2 per week for 5-6 weeks, depending on the skin tone, and then to maintain the results 1 session every 3-4 weeks is ideal!

The Bel Viso Body Bar Face Lift2 can soften lines, hydrate the skin and stimulate blood and oxygen flow to the tissue resulting in a wonderful youthful glow!

We call it the Gym workout for the face. As with the muscles of your body the facial muscles also need to be stimulated to keep healthy, strong and youthful. We achieve this with the use of Micro Current stimulation.

This innovative treatment is also being wholly endorsed by top Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons as before and after care of surgery.



  • See a visible improvement after the first treatment
  • Increases skin hydration by infusing solutions into blemishes, scar tissue, pigmentation marks and stretch marks
  • Reduces puffiness and dark circles around the eyes
  • Extremely effective in Lymphatic Drainage restoring natural processes
  • Smooths and refines folds in facial skin (frown and laugh lines)
  • Gently stimulates facial muscles, firming and toning due to smooth contraction of muscle fibre
  • Increases nourishment and oxygen to skin tissues
  • Assists collagen production to prevent the skin from getting thinner and looser
  • Helps to reduce the ageing process by increasing the circulation of blood and nutrients to muscles and cells
  • No adverse side effects completely painless
  • Strengthens skin texture and natural elasticity
  • Closes dilated pores
  • Rejuvenation of the skin tissue
  • Tones the jaw, cheeks, eyes, neck and chin
  • Calms inflammation/oedema
  • Helps in firming the dermal tissue
  • Excess fluid and toxins are removed by stimulation of the lymphatic system



Power Source main
• 220/240 Volts  ~  AC 50/60 HZ
• 110/115 Volts  ~  AC 50/60 HZ

Power Consumption
Max 30 Watts

Fuse Rating
1 Amps – Typical

Galvanic Current Output
100 – 1000 Micro Amps (Adjustable) at up to 24 Volts (max.)

Galvanic Current Polarity
Positive OR Negative Selectable

Micro Current Output Frequency
20 – 100 PPS (pulses per second)

Micro Current Output
Monophasic Square Wave 100 – 1000 Micro Amps Adjustable at up to 24 Volts (max.)
• High: 11-20
• Medium: 10-18
• Low: 9-16 (Milli Sec)

Micro Current Output Duration
• 1- 3 seconds on Adjustable
• 1 second off fixed

Dimensions (L,W,H)
240 x 195 x 110mm

3Kg (approx.)

Packaged weight
5Kg (approx.)


Box Content

1 x Micro-Current Kit + 1 x Galvanic Current Kit

1 x Main Cable

 1 x Instruction Manual

 1 x Tutorial Video

1 x Carry Case


Training Options

1. Technical Manual & DVD supplied with each machine.
2. Free Private Training via Skype/ Face Time/ WhatsApp.
3. Free Digital Marketing Package.
3. Private Training for Unlimited Staff at Your Premises. Price on Application. Please Contact Us for more information.


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