Allow technology to do the hard work for you and give your clients realistic results in 
• Anti-Ageing • Cellulite Reduction • Body Contouring • Slimming • Detoxification • Wellness 

∗ Our range of Professional equipment offers the latest in EMS Electro Muscle Stimulation (also known as NMES Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation) FARADIC CURRENT, MICRO CURRENT, GALVANIC CURRENT, DIATHERMY and INFRA RED HEAT Technology allowing science to do the hard work for you!

∗ Many successful Health and Beauty businesses WORLDWIDE use our equipment, now you can join this growing industry where the earning potential is huge.

∗ With minimal outlay open your own Home-Based business, expand or start your own Commercial Venture and go big! Our equipment offers excellent return on investment and great business opportunities.

∗ As we supply our equipment GLOBALLY you can be assured that your order will be manufactured and supplied to you with the correct electrical specifications and outlet to comply with your country’s requirements.

Rental Machines

10-pad Computerised EMS
From $80 per week

10-pad Standard EMS
From $50 per week

G5® GBM Massager
From $90 per week


Relaxes tense muscles, improves skin contour, assists with weight loss, breaks down fatty deposits, reduces cellulite, boosts production of elastin andcollagen, increases lymphatic flow and improves blood circulation ... read more

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