24 EMS + 3 Heat Body Wraps


Body Toning – Facial Toning – Heat Body Wraps

  • Fully computerised
  • 9 Selectable Programmes: 1 Standard 2 Toning 3 Fast Slim 4 Lymphatic Drainage 5 Relaxation 6 Abdominal 7 Thighs and Hips 8 Facial 9 Bust
  • Auto mode and Programmable mode
  • Computerised display including Treatment Time; Programme; Mode; Stimulation
  • Time mode
  • Safety on feature (CE Approved)
  • Master level control
  • 12 independent output controls with ON and OFF functionality
  • 24 Faradic silicon pads
  • Separate heat pad indicator lights
  • 3 Diathermy heat silicon pads (1 Body pad; 2 Leg pads) with independent plug outputs
  • End of slimming session signal
  • High quality components and chassis build for salon usage

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24-pad EMS Electro Muscle Stimulator + 3 Diathermy Heat Body Wraps (1 Body; 2 Legs) Combo Machine24-pad EMS BODY TONING

Twelve individual intensity outlets control a set of 24 pads  (one  positive and one negative) which are placed on selected muscle groups.  The Bel Viso Body Bar 24-pad EMS Electrical Muscle Stimulation Face & Body Toning + Diathermy Heat Cellu-Melt3 combo machine also has a master output dial, which controls a uniform increase or decrease of intensity to all outlets. You simply select the desired program, start the treatment by pressing the “start pad”, set the levels and the machine does the rest automatically.

This technology was initially used in Physio Therapy for strengthening lazy or damaged muscles but for many years the medical and aesthetic professions have been aware of not only the therapeutic value of EMS in helping to restore and re-educate muscles but also in the toning of flabby tissue therefore greatly improving body and facial shape.

As our EMS toning machines simulates circuit training without straining the heart they are also an exceptional aid for the elderly to increase their core strength thus improving mobility, bladder control, sleep patterns, total well-being and self-confidence.

Experts believe that a 30-45 minute session using electro muscle stimulation is equal to a 6-8 hour gym workout.

Programmes 1.Standard;  2.Toning;  3.Fast Slim;  4.Lymphatic Drainage;  5.Relaxation;  6.Abdominal;  7.Thighs and Hips;  8.Facial;  9.Bust



With the addition of our Cellu-Melt 3 Diathermy Heat Body Wraps the Bel Viso Body Bar 24-pad EMS Electrical Muscle Stimulation Face & Body Toning + Cellu-Melt 3 Combo machine is the ultimate unit a salon can have to be able to offer their clients  a TOTAL non-invasive wellness, reshape and cellulite treatment.

It  has 2 large Leg pads and 1 large Body pad made with non-toxic silicon.
The Cellu-Melt3 produces the correct amount of Diathermy Heat to induce a mild rise in temperature and increased blood flow to the tissue thereby breaking down fatty deposits and cellulite.
Elimination and detoxifying is naturally processed via the lymphatic system.

The wraps can also be used for deep infusion of cellulite or lymphatic drainage topical gels and creams.

Our Cellu-Melt 3 Diathermy Heat Body Wraps are also a wonderful healing aid for sore backs and strained muscles giving immediate and effective relief and as a relaxation treatment before or after massage.

The heat wraps may be applied by themselves or over the EMS body toning pads.

The Bel Viso Body Bar 24-pad EMS Electrical Muscle Stimulation Face & Body Toning + Diathermy Heat Body Wraps Cellu-Melt 3 Combo machine is fully computerized which allows you to offer additional treatments to your body toning/heat wraps clients while they are enjoying their session, or to attend to other clients.

With our lengthy and successful history of working within the Beauty and Wellness Industry we have full confidence in our machines and the versatility and effectiveness of their impact into expanding business and maximizing turnover!


Faradic Facial with EMS Bodytoning machineFARADIC FACIAL TONING

This amazing machine also comes with our specially modified EFA Gold Plated Facial Attachment that lifts and firms the muscles of the face, neck and décolletage producing an immediate and visible “Mini Face-Lift” effect.

You simply choose the face mode on the machine and glide the hand piece over the skin.

This session can be added to a full body toning and heat wrap treatment or offered by itself as a mini non-surgical facelift treatment.


helpful tipsAs with any exercise long term benefits are achieved by regular use.
With the Bel Viso Body Bar 24-pad EMS Face & Body Toning + Cellu-Melt 3 Combo machine a program of 2-3 sessions per week for a minimum of 4 weeks is suggested as a perfect regime.
Maintenance of 1 session per week once the goal loss and tone has been achieved is highly recommended!
If using it for cellulite and fluid retention a program of 2-3 sessions per week is ideal. We strongly suggest a follow up session of 1 per week to prevent the problem from reoccurring!



  • Facial/body toning and sculpting
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Fluid and inch loss
  • Detoxing
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Firming of flabby muscles
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Healing of sore muscles and joints

All the benefit of Faradic Current EMS Electrical Muscle Stimulation (also known as NMES Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation) combined with the Diathermy Heat properties make the Bel Viso Body Bar 24-pad EMS Face & Body Toning + Diathermy Heat Body Wraps Cellu-Melt 3 Combo machine a unique and extraordinary piece of equipment.

The micro processor control uses the very latest developments in computer technology to get rid of unwanted weight fast by warming the body and contracting the muscles simultaneously.

The EMS pads are applied first and then the treatment areas are covered by the heat wraps.

A simple touch of a button selects one of the 9 Professionally Designed Preset Programmes such as Lymphatic Drainage, Muscle Strengthening or Slimming and Toning which eliminates operator’s guesswork of adjusting the correct frequencies, therefore guaranteeing your clients fantastic and rapid results, which generates a loyal and dedicated client base for your salon.



Power Source Main
• 220/240 Volts  ~  AC 50/60 HZ
• 110/115 Volts  ~  AC 50/60 HZ

Power Consumption
Max 300 watts

Fuse Rating
8 Amps – Typical

Wave Form (Output)

Pulse Duration (Output)
220 Micro second

Pulse Interval
• High: 11-20
• Medium: 10-18
• Low: 9-16 (Milli Sec)

Voltage Output (Faradic Pad)
Typically 20 volts with body contact

Program Format
Pulse interval/pulse train duration changes up to once per minute giving a total of up to 15 variations per 15 minutes treatment and repeated for each further 15 minutes period.

Voltage Output (Diathermy Heat Pad)
24 volt AC

Power Consumption  (Diathermy Heat Pads)
• Body Pads 150 Watts
• Leg Pads 75 Watts

Dimensions (L,W,H)
550 x 195 x 110mm

13Kg (approx.)

Packaged weight
16Kg (approx.)


Box Content

12 x Sets of Faradic pads (24)

12 x Faradic Leads

3 x Diathermy heat pads (1 x Large Body; 2 x Legs)

  1 x Gold Plated EFA attachment for Facial Treatments

9 x Straps

1 x Main Cable

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x Instruction DVD

1 x Carry Case

3 Years Warranty


Training Options

1. Technical Manual; Pad-up Charts & DVD supplied with each machine.
2. Free Private Training via Skype / Face Time / WhatsApp.
3. Free Digital Marketing Package.
4. Private Training for Unlimited Staff at Your Premises.  Price on Application. Please Contact Us for more information.


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