EMS - Faradic Facial

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Faradic Facial with EMS Bodytoning machine
EFA Gold Plated Wand used for Facial toning and lifting

EMS Faradic Machines

The Faradic Current is used for stimulating the larger, stronger muscles of the neck, bust and arms enhancing a firmer and toned lift.
The Bel Viso Body Bar EMS machines come with a specially modified gold plated faradic attachment (EFA) to treat these specific areas.

It also assists in:

  • Increasing Muscle Tone
    when a muscle is exercised it increases in ‘tone’ e.g. it responds more readily to a stimulus; it becomes firmer, stronger and more able to hold the contours of the face/body more firmly and effectively without strain.
  • Increasing the Muscle Bulk
    in order to increase the bulk of a muscle it is necessary for that muscle to contract an adequate number of times against the resistance of a suitable load. When a muscle is very weak , the weight of the part of the body that it moves forms an adequate load and therefore Faradic stimulation can be of assistance in restoring muscle bulk.

How It Works

A faradic facial uses electrical pulses to contract muscles in the face producing an overall toned effect.
The contractions increase blood circulation and build muscle. As the muscle builds underneath the skin, it produces the appearance of smoother skin on the surface as well as a fuller, firmer facial contour.
Muscle contraction also increases lymphatic flow, speeding up waste elimination.
This is particularly effective in reducing under eye puffiness and dark circles.

EFA – Electro Facial Attachment

With the use of our specially modified gold plated hand held attachment an immediate “Mini Facelift” is achieved. This hand piece converts the Faradic Current enabling it to be used in the more delicate areas of the face, neck and décolletage.


  • Increases skin-cell regeneration
  • Strengthens and lifts slack facial muscles
  • Improves the contour of face, neck and jaw line
  • Enhances skin colour


Faradic facials are one of the most popular spa treatments to firm facial muscles, improve skin luster, energise tired skin and encourage cellular regeneration.

The Bel Viso Body Bar Facial Muscle Toning Machine has been specially designed hand held attachment to harness the strength of “EMS Faradic Current” allowing you to tone, smooth, lift and firm the deeper muscles of the cheeks, jaw-line, neck and chest (décolletage), while increasing oxygen and blood flow to the muscles and the skin.

The light tingling sensation you will experience during your facial muscle toning session leaves your skin feeling totally exhilarated and alive.

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