Nue Skin Oxygen Infusion System with LED Light

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“Top of the Range” Nue Skin Oxygen Infusion Facial System with LED Light Therapy

Our Oxygen Infusion machines are built to last with a sleek, simple and virtually maintenance free design and operational procedures made simple.

Skin for Life’s Nue Skin Oxygen Infusion Facial System is a unique delivery system using advanced product technology to brighten, lift, calm, and infuse essential nutrients for healthier skin.
We use 21% oxygen (the same as we breathe) and a psi between 10-15 to disburse a consistent air flow that sprays a mist of our Oxygen Infusion + Activator Phase 2. The activator interacts with the natural enzymes within the stratum corneum which become the catalyst for breaking down the Oxygen Infusion + Activator Phase 2 into pure oxygen. Your clients will be amazed with the results.

Oxygen Infusion Benefits the following:
• Acne, oily, and combination skins
• Temporary and chronic sensitivities
• Hyperpigmentation, melasma, chloasma, and solar lentigines
• Aging, fine lines + wrinkles
• Increases circulation to the tissue thus stimulating skin renewal and providing essential nutrients for skin health

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Skin for Life’s Oxygen Infusion Therapy:
Five concentrates to deliver not only oxygen for cells to use, but nutritional supplements to help maximize the treatment benefits.
Skin for Life’s Nue Skin Oxygen Infusion System and our Skin for Life pure science trademarked LSS™️ delivery, consisting of immunity amino acids and peptides.
Our four Oxygen Infusion Gels are: Antibacterial; Sensitive; Brightening and A, C, E Complex.

Oxygen Infusion Gel phase 1 + A, C, E Complex with LSS™ delivery

  • Excellent for mature and ageing skins.
  • The triple antioxidant of this complex invigorates, hydrates and rejuvenates the skin for ultimate skin renewal, anti-ageing benefits.
  • Increases circulation, and aids in softening fine lines and wrinkles.

Oxygen Infusion Gel phase 1 + Antibacterial with LSS™️ delivery

  • Kills bacteria and aids in reducing inflammation found with acneic skin.
  • Helps to control acne and hormonal breakouts.

Oxygen Infusion Gel phase 1 + Brightening with LSS™️ delivery

  • Brightens skin with a youthful appearance.
  • Excellent for skin that wants a radiant and even complexion.

Oxygen Infusion Gel phase 1 + sensitive with LSS™ delivery

  • Soothes and calms sensitive skin, while hydrating and smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Oxygen Infusion with LSS™ delivery + Activator Phase 2

  • Magical Results!
  • Interacts with skin enzymes, which encourages the energy to breakdown the activator into pure oxygen as well as Lymph circulation for healthy long term sustainable results.


Oxygen Infusion PLUS LED Light Therapy Hand Pieces

LED Light Therapy brings an enhanced therapy result that has been researched from, which recognizes cell division increased by ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and improves stimulation for continuous cellular regeneration.

RED LED Light Therapy Hand Piece

  • It is the first activating response of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) to promote cellular growth, which encourages wound healing.
  • Our RED LED Light Therapy has two different lights: RED LED Light is 680nm and Invisible Light (infra – red) 880nm.

BLUE LED Light Therapy Hand Piece

  • It is used for oily, troubled skin, and blemished skin conditions.
  • BLUE LED Light Therapy is applied after the RED LED Light for minimum 10 minutes and maximum 15 minutes.
  • Most licensed professionals see a tremendous result when managing oily and active skin conditions.
  • Our BLUE LED Lights have 460nm and 5 invisible bulbs of infra – red ranging from 880nm.

Both of our large LED handpieces are designed for optimal coverage with 30 bulbs with 5 infra-red lights.

LED Light is generally applied after microdermabrasion and oxygen infusion therapies. LED Light Therapy is the final performance modality that the skin needs to repair, recover, and restore to a healthier skin function.

When using LED Light therapy with microcurrent – apply to clean skin before microcurrent, which stimulates a warm up response or to wake up the skin’s senses. The LED Light application after microcurrent peaks the skin’s response before serums and moisturizers to refresh, reinvigorate, and repair skin.



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Training Options

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