Nue Skin – 500 Deluxe Microdermabrasion MEDICAL GRADE

$8,200.00 ex.GST

Nue Skin 500 Deluxe Advanced Performance Microderm Machine
Stronger Motor PLUS 4 in 1 Anti-Ageing Treatments

• 4 canister
•  Adjustable vacuum and crystal flow
•  Crystals and organic grains
•  Easy maintenance
•  Easy to use
•  LED Light Therapy
•  Oxygen Infusion Skin Care Therapy

2 Years Warranty
Free Delivery Worldwide


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The Machine
A performance driven microdermabrasion machine sold to medical professionals, master aestheticians, and physicians to specifically target more serious treatments.

May be used as a preparation for IPL, LASER, and other adjuncts to providing skin change.

Along with the retexturing quality of crystals (aluminium oxides), you will have the advantage of using 100% organic grains.

The versatility of this microdermabrasion machine is astounding, Nue Skin 500 microdermabrasion allows you to build your menu with oxygen infusion and LED Light Therapy, making a unique individualised skin experience with each client and/or patient.

Crystals (aluminium oxide) Microdermabrasion is the most proficient way to retexture, refine, and to clarify the skin’s appearance.

Hands down it is the best material to give a mature skin, aging skin, slacking skin, scarred skin, and someone that has various pigmentation marks (melasma, chloasma, and hyper pigmentation) a new step in the right direction for better skin health, appearance and overall a younger looking skin.

Organic Grains Microdermabrasion – 100% walnut grains – Is the best way to work with darker skins and sensitive skins without damaging and causing unnecessary friction that may lead to excessive pigment activity.

Microdermabrasion with the organic grains as a secondary treatment after the session with the Crystals allows the operator to refine, polish and smooth the skin delivering outstanding youthful and glowing results.

Oxygen Infusion Therapy
Instant skin change starts with adding our oxygen infusion therapy to your treatment.
This innovation in formulas will provide clarity, an even complexion, hydration and a younger looking appearance.

Our Oxygen Infusion professional skin care products are driven to focus on skin conditions, such as mature, aging, slacking skins, blemished, oily, over active oily skins, pigmentation marks, dark spots, hyper pigmentation, or excessive sun exposure.

LED Light Therapy
Light therapy has been used in the aesthetic and medical industry for many years for its regenerating, healing and calming properties.

The balance between red and infra – red light therapy is noted for its stimulation with the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) that resides in the mitochondria.
Once this is released the common response is to continue the energy for cell division.

RED LED Light Therapy Hand-piece
Our ‘Red LED Light Therapy’ has two different lights: ‘Red LED Light’ is 680nm and Invisible Light (infra – red) 880nm.

BLUE LED Light Therapy Hand-piece
‘Blue LED Light Therapy’ is applied after the ‘Red LED Light’ for minimum 10 minutes and maximum 15 minutes.
Most licensed professionals see a tremendous result when managing oily and active skin conditions.
Our ‘Blue LED Light’ have 460nm and 5 invisible bulbs of infra – red ranging from 880nm.

When using LED Light therapy, you may apply to clean skin before micro-current, which stimulates a warm up response or to wake up the skin’s senses.
The LED Light application after micro-current peaks the skin’s response before serums and moisturisers to refresh, reinvigorate, and repair skin.


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Training Options

Training options

1. Free Technical Manual & DVD supplied with each machine.
2. Free Private Training via Skype; Face Time; WhatsApp.
3. Private Training for Unlimited Staff at Your Premises.
Price on Application. Please Contact Us for more information.